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On Education, the Catholic Church makes it clear that it has a divine obligation to promote the welfare of the whole life of man and this includes playing an active part in the development and extension of education. {Flannery A, (Gen. Editor), Vatican Council II – Vatican Collections Volume 2}. This role is fulfilled in many ways but especially through the establishment of Catholic Schools.
Such schools are to assist young people to develop well-formed conscience in order to make sound moral judgments which in turn would help them develop a sense of personal commitment to such higher values as honesty, integrity of life, discipline, concern for common good and a love of God that orientates to salvation and life eternal.
It is in view of these that the Catholic Church in Abeokuta Diocese took it upon itself to establish the “Sacred Heart Catholic College, Abeokuta”, a Secondary School for boys and girls. The school was conceived partly in response to the need for ensuring that the values taught to our children in Catholic Nursery/ Primary schools are developed upon at the level of secondary school education. But also in order that those children who could not attend such schools would receive the benefits of the culture of excellence in the education of the young that the Catholic Church has nurtured for very years and for which the Church is very well known.
The aim and aspiration of the college is to provide wholesome education in an environment that is conducive to productive learning. The motto of the College, Education for Life, is the principle that the management and staff intend to employ as it carries on its task of preparing human persons to face the many and varied challenges of life. The College would impart to its students such values as would assist them to grow up with knowledge and fear of God and confidence in their own God-given abilities. The college would ensure a formation that would breed adults that are sound both in character and learning as well as moral and religious integrity.
While we rely on God, the College is also committed to a collective responsibility between Management, Staff, Parents and Students in meeting the aims for which it was founded
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